Build with confidence

I believe in doing things right the first time and that the simplest solution is usually the best solution.  A minimalist at heart, I believe that less is usually more.

I apply this to all of the work that I do.  Keeping things simple and maintainable is just as important as delivering a quality build or solution.

I also believe in supporting what I create after the fact.  It’s not just about delivering a beautiful website.  After a website is deployed, there are security, updates, and a solid backup strategy that is just as essential.  I’ve seen sites fall prey to a hack or malware and have to be completely rebuilt.  If I build your site, that automatically comes with 1 year of maintenance & support. Knowing your site is secure, up-to date, and backups are in place, you can “build with confidence.”

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  • WordPress website build and deploy

    • Responsive pre-built theme
    • Security and backups
    • Basic SEO
    • Post delivery maintenance plan
    • One-on-one coaching on platform at handoff
    • For more details and estimates, please inquire.
  • Build beautiful and responsive Squarespace sites

  • WordPress Services

    • Hack & malware recovery
    • Security and hardening
    • Troubleshooting and Bug-fixes
    • Maintenance and update packages
  • Hosting Related Services

    • Website hosting
    • Website migrations
    • cPanel Technical Support
  • Linux system administration

  • Web and technology consulting